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5 Reasons Restaurant Owners Should Get A Refrigeration Certification

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Owning a restaurant puts a lot of responsibility on your plate. Instead of farming all of your work out to plumbers and other industries, you can keep a little of the power in your control. A large part of owning a restaurant is having proper refrigeration. When a freezer breaks down, a lot of food is placed at risk until you are able to have it properly repaired. By attending classes and hands-on training, you can receive a refrigeration certification. Once certified, you can manage five different aspects of your restaurant to keep things running smoothly and save a lot of money in the long run.

Freezer & Refrigerator Repair Jobs

A majority of your fresh fruits, meats, and entrees are likely kept in the restaurant's freezer and refrigerator. When a problem occurs, you have a limited amount of time until the items go bad and are no longer suitable to sell to guests. After receiving a certification, you will have the ability to troubleshoot all types of problems.

The problems include temperature issues, power issues, or leaking refrigerant. With a certification, you are allowed to handle the refrigerant and make the repairs as needed. A lot of times, the repairs can be completed within a matter of minutes. This will save you hours of lost cooling and the extra money paid to have another repair specialist come to the restaurant.

Restaurant Air Conditioning

Another big part of the certification is learning about air conditioning repairs and troubleshooting. Without air conditioning in your restaurant, kitchens can become extremely hot and guests could be uncomfortable while eating.

During the detailed courses, you will learn how an air conditioner operates and proper maintenance tips. Understanding how to clean out multiple types of air conditioning units will help keep the air conditioning running throughout the year. This cost-cutting step will prevent major problems from building up. It can also help you reduce the amount of power used while the air conditioner runs. This will help save money on your monthly electric bill.

Ice Makers

Restaurant ice makers use the same type of refrigerant technology as freezers and refrigerators. This is another expanded part of your business that you will be knowledgeable with once your receive the full training and certification. Ice is constantly needed at your restaurant for fountain drinks and alcoholic drinks and to help keep specific foods cold. If an ice machine breaks down, you run the risk of serving warm beverages to customers.

Not only can you make the basic repairs on your ice maker, but you will be certified to clean the machine. This gives you the ability to ensure the ice is clean and that it is made efficiently.

Vending Machines

Another way to expand the profits of your business is with a vending machine. Refrigeration training also includes the technology found in vending machines used to serve up cold drinks, ice cream, and other cooled treats. When a vending machine goes out of power, you are losing money on a daily basis. Instead of taking the loss, your repair knowledge can get the machine up and running again.

Part Purchases

Another financial benefit of having your certification is the ability to purchase parts yourself. You can shop through local dealers, whole sale shops, and web outlets to find the best deals on parts possible. When working with a third-party repair company, you do not have the same flexibility with prices. You are often forced to use the parts they have available. Taking the extra time to pick out your specific parts will save a lot of money in the long run.

Many courses are flexible to different schedules. Find a course that can cater to your busy restaurant schedule so you have the time to learn with the best success possible. Visit to learn more.